The Willow Room

The willow room is a natural and homely environment with lots of space for up to twenty-four rising twos (20-24 months) and two-year olds. There are large play rooms, toilets and nappy changing facilities. The toddlers in this room also enjoy regular access to the outdoor area where they can free flow between the inside and outside activities. The outdoor space has child safety bark chippings, a decked area, planters, an outdoor classroom with wooden play equipment and water tunnels.

A Day in the Life

Children join the willow room from around twenty months, dependent on their stage of development. A number of our great staff are always supervising and keeping the children occupied in the willow room at Cirencester. This ensures each child can use the spaces provided at different times of the morning and afternoon ensuring that everyone takes part in all activities. This is a wonderful and busy room, full of activity and growing independence.

This room is run by one of our well trained Senior Nursery Nurses. Our main emphasis for children in this age group is learning through play. Children take part in a lot of activities with sand, water, clay, playdough and other malleable materials. There are plenty of messy play opportunities with a separate room set-aside specifically for this. The willow room is a very ‘hands on’ room with lots of different play materials and objects to explore, ensuring that all areas of the Early Years foundation stage are covered. This is closely monitored and observed by our skilful willow-room staff. Naturally, our focus is on what the children learn from an activity rather than what they produce to take home. 

The busy schedule of planned activities develops individuals’ skills and confidence in preparation for pre-school. The large, airy playroom gives plenty of scope for the children to enjoy music, dance, singing, stories, puppets and toys. We have an abundance of equipment for the children to access freely or during group role play, as well as individual space for playing alone or reflecting on the day.

Our toddlers often play in small groups, usually with their key person and make the most of all of their learning and play areas. All activities can be done in the garden and so we ask you to provide appropriate clothing for the day. The willow room has separate toileting facilities, including a nappy change area with toilets for potty training, which is usually started at this stage. Plenty of encouragement and praise are given in order to achieve this successfully. We request that plenty of spare clothes are available when they are "in training".

After lunch, which is cooked on site and provided at no additional charge, toddlers that stay all day have a chance to sleep on our sleep mats with their own individual bedding. Children who don’t sleep continue their activities and fun until the end of their session.