Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors, the Tigger’s way!

Tigger’s Nurseries take great pride in becoming as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible! Both of our settings are either working towards or already hold the Green Flag Award, awarded by ECO Schools and our Plastic Free Nurseries Status. 

Tiggers Nurseries Eco Warriors Image 1.jpgWe work extremely hard encouraging and promoting a healthy and economical lifestyle, such as…

  • Creating a 100% freshly prepared healthy menu
  • Growing our own fruit, vegetables, and herbs
  • Cooking healthy meals and snacks with the children 
  • Composting food
  • Wormery
  • Putting old clothes into a clothes bank
  • Incorporating mindfulness sessions into our curriculum 
  • A high volume of planned physical activities to help us all stay active!
  • Eliminating single-use plastic
  • Saving electricity
  • Promoting and encouraging walking or cycling to nursery 
  • Recycling, reusing and reducing and much more! 
Forbidden Single-Use Plastics at Tigger’s Nurseries
  • Tiggers Nurseries Mascott Forest School2.pngGlitter
  • Wet wipes that are non-biodegradable 
  • Nappy sacks that are non-biodegradable
  • Carrier bags
  • Balloons
  • Straws
  • Plastic cups
Here are some of the alternative measures that we have in place to help minimise our impact on our environment at Tigger’s Nurseries
  • Tiggers Nurseries Eco Warriors Image 2.jpgWe buy cleaning products in bulk to dilute and top-up existing bottles
  • We use PVC aprons and wipe them down, as opposed to single-use plastic aprons
  • We purchase larger yoghurt pots as opposed to small individual pots
  • An eco egg is used for laundry instead of liquid from plastic bottles
  • Foil is used instead of cling film where possible (as it is recyclable)
  • We only place soiled nappies in nappy sacks. These nappy sacks are biodegradable
  • Food waste is composted
  • We put old clothes into a clothes bank
  • Both nurseries use solar panels to save electricity
  • We have water butts to help save water
  • Recycling