The Oak Room

4+ Years

A classroom designed specifically for school preparation, with a highly qualified early years educator, interactive Smart whiteboard, teaching tables and numerous teaching aids.

A day in the life

Tiggers Nurseries Tetbury The Oak Room.jpgThe Pre-Prep room is designed specifically as a classroom environment for up to 16 children aged 4 and over (rising 5). This classroom is led by a Senior Nursery Nurse who is very experienced in helping to prepare children for their school transitions.

Children, dependent on their age and stage of development, will be able to use this room in order that we can further prepare them for a classroom environment. Not all of the children will be ready for this before starting school, so your child’s progress and development will be closely monitored and discussed before considering moving up to this more structured environment.

Some children need to learn to play before they can learn to sit and work and it is not always in their best interest to have this type of environment as they prefer less structured learning. Access to this room is therefore not compulsory and will be at the discretion of your child’s existing key person.