The Willow Room

12 months - 2 years

This is a separate and natural, homely environment with lots of space for up to eighteen toddlers (12 months-2 years). There is a separate sleep room (shared with the Acorn Room) and nappy change facilities. Toddlers also have their own direct access onto a permanently covered wet pour area and direct access onto the large lawns.

A day in the life

Children join the Willow Room (toddlers) from around 12-13 months, dependent on their stage of development. The room has excellent facilities for up to 18 toddlers, who are independently walking. Tiggers at Tetbury employs experienced members of staff in the toddler room on a 1:3 ratio.

This is a wonderful and busy room, full of activity and growing independence. This room is run by one of our well trained Senior Nursery Nurses. Children at this stage still need lots of cuddles and support and it is our main aim to nurture them as individuals to enable them to play alongside staff and independently, encouraging their development under the EYFS Prime Areas of Learning which are: Language and Literacy, Personal, Social and Emotional, and Physical Development.